Tokenize Assets.
Trade, lend or
collateralize NFTs

A decentralized platform built for Crosschain
token utilities expansions.
Create Bonus NFT or a Bonus wallet
and multi-rent in a innovative way your bonus

Bonus Wallet

Share the un--shareable
VIP's, discounts, rewards bonus & more

Combo Wallet

Get together and earn together
Add resources and get better rewards together
Or fund as a team a Bonus wallet to increase ROI

Crown Wallet

Buy as a group and get better rewards
Use it to crowdfund a income idea!

A new way of using NFTs


Lend or munti-lend NFTs or the bonus they offer and get interest & comission.


Borrow NFTs to gain benefits related to them or just show off without risking the value in the volatile markets


Rent NFTs and receive weekly or monthly payment for it


Trade all kinds of NFTs, exchange them for other NFTs or cryptocurrency.


Stake NFTs and earn interest.


Tokenize and sell NFTs in a couple of clicks

Problems we face:

Trust has been exploided in many ways and by many bad actors since we have memories. We are building tools for shared economies where it is imposible to break trust.

Kickstarter and other paltforms where you get higher rewards the more liquidity you can provide. With the xWallets you can get together and aim for the best bonus while participating in any trade.

No risk while cooperating and collaborating with others even if you dont know them, thanks to the smart contracts you can pre-set rules and any outcome can have a pre-selected modus operandi. Because security matters for all of us.

Yes, we are aware of the disadvantages of been alone and having limited resources, we aim to provide the tools and the platform for the posibility of creating a school of fish because together we are stronger. Another step towards shared economies.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is to help individuals to get rid of the friction with
centralized financial service providers and institutions.
Banks and other financial institutions controlled the financial sector for
centuries. DeFi and the underlying technologies have opened a new chapter for
finance, making people free to build and use a financial ecosystem without
meaningless intermediaries, fees and rules. Open Finance is the future. The
future we’re building right now.

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